About Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny Productions is a voice talent group connecting casting professionals, advertising agencies, productions houses and the general public with the worlds most diverse and in-demand voiceover actors and actresses. Our exclusive roster of genuine talent represent the solution for virtually any voice-over need a client may face. 

Fluffy Bunny Productions is a voice over and production company founded in 2013 by Trey Caron. So what is unique about Fluffy Bunny Productions? Simply, it is our use of technology. We take full advantage of instant access communication e.g. Skype, FaceTime (Connect using FaceTime), Google Talk,  including our newest edition ipDTL (what is ipDTL), and yes we still use phone (Call us free!) and email.

With this ease of access to our voice artists we can be ready to record within a few hours of being contacted.

Meet the Talent

Trey Caron

Trey is not only the Head Fluffer In Charge (HFIC) he is also the owner who decided to put down the corporate mic and replace it with the mic of independence. 

Dan Rinelli

Dan hails from the means streets of Buffalo and is often pictured on the jumbotron yelling for his eloped Sabres.

Sherry Caron

Sherry is a newbie to voice overs but, has the skills to be an instant success as the voice of your brand.

Michael Behan

Michael is a true veteran of the industry with more than 20 years experience as an eccentric and eclectic personality.

Greg Jake

Greg is a radio veteran that has made the decision to join one of the best voice over talent groups on web (maybe even the planet). And rocks a beard that would make the most interesting man proud.

Scott Gaines

Scott was blessed with a dynamic personality and business savvy mindset, Scott wears many hats from audio production and TV hosting to music programming and operations. Now, Scott finds himself among the ranks at Fluffy Bunny!

Toni Orans

Toni, quite honestly, an amazing talent. She has story after story of her travels around the world and days in the theater. It’s an honor for us to feature such a vivacious and worldly talent.

Anne Vydra

Her name means Otter in Czech and is pronounced Vee-dra, but we will call her Anne for now. Anne is one of our newest talents to come on board and with stellar voice and personality to boot she is ready to crack some home runs. Don’t believe us just listen for yourself!

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