Fluffy Bunny Just Diddled! [AUDIO]

Let’s face facts the voice services industry e.i. radio, voice over, television still relies heavily on an increasingly outdated piece of technology/hardware, ISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network). In fact, many talent agents still require voice artists to have an ISDN in their studio or have unrestricted access to an ISDN in order to be represented. Why is having an ISDN so bad? 

Easy, it’s expensive! Each month more and more companies and voice artists are getting notices from their telecom provider that the monthly rate for their ISDN connection will be increasing. I’ve seen monthly costs for this piece of technology upwards of $700.00/mo! Sure that is an extreme case more realistic monthly cost could be around $250-$500/mo. I don’t know about you but that is still very expensive and if that business is not booking enough to cover the cost of the monthly charge it makes zero business sense to have that piece of technology sitting in the studio. Not to mention, most telecoms no longer install ISDN networks because they no longer support the technology itself. So why is everyone still hanging on to this P.O.T. (Piece of Technology) well, it just plain reliable. The audio is free of anomalies e.i. latency, lag, or drops (most of the time)  and when doing remote radio broadcasts these types of issues can create a disjointed end product for the listener.

I know what you are thinking with all the advancements there has got to be another alternative somewhere, right? YES! There absolutely is and Fluffy Bunny Productions is proud to be among some of the first voice service providers to offer such a wonderful advancement. Welcome to ipDTL (I P Diddle in the states) it stands for Internet Protocol Down The Line. This is a wonderful piece software will revolutionize how voice services communicate with each other. There are nothing but plus sides to using ipDTL. Traditionally, with ISDN, the voice service provider and the receiving user would need to have ISDN capabilities otherwise it wouldn’t work. With ipDTL only one person needs to have access because it runs through a Google Chrome App. What about the audio quality? Yes, we were concerned about that too but after a brief audio test we were floored by the results the audio. It was so crisp and clear we unplugged the LAN connection and ran it over WIFI there wasn’t a single blip, dropout, or decline in audio quality! Just listen to the audio interview and spot read we did with one of my good radio buddies Nancy Mace from KLAW 1o1 and My107.3. If you want to give it a test drive yourself then, just call us free, Skype, or FaceTime us and we will setup a test session for you.

ipDTL Test with Nancy Mace

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsFluffy Bunny Just Diddled! [AUDIO]

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