Giving Citizens 101 a Voice

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation keeps coming back for more of our stellar narration services.

We are proud to welcome back our friends at Citizensfla at Fluffy Bunny Productions! We have just wrapped up our third training program for the new hires at Citizensfla. It always great to work with return clients, sure it’s nice from a business aspect, but more than that you really build upon the relationships and bonds with the people at the company like Alexis and Dee. In addition to getting to know these wonderful people, we have gained a great understanding into what a great company Citizensfla is and what it does for the residential and business property owners of the state of Florida. They have also taught a few things about property insurance that we didn’t know! So if ever find ourselves living in the great Sunshine State we are a little more educated on how this system works. Checkout the Audio below and drop us a line to have a custom audition made with your companies training materials.

Citizensfla 101 Training Program

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsGiving Citizens 101 a Voice

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