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Fluffy Bunny ProductionsProtected: Giving USA

Fresh Tracks!

mmm-mmm-mmm Smell those fresh new tracks? We are excited to release the latest artistry from our Fluffy Bunny brains. This new alt-rock track can be used as a :10, :30, :60, or you can have the whole song! Listen to the awesomeness below you’re gonna love it!    

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsFresh Tracks!

Cyber Dust Leading Social Security

Raise your hand if you have ever sent a text, email, picture, or any communication that you wish you could immediately take back. If it hasn’t happened, yet at some point it will. Just look at Twitter and Facebook there are millions of bad decisions happening every second with the majority of it occurring around Friday evening to Sunday morning. …

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsCyber Dust Leading Social Security

Power to the People

Let’s face it change is something we cannot stop and in the end you have only two choices, adapt or die. Some may find that view a bit abrasive, but it’s spot on just look at the music industry. A once powerful giant tha that was so steeped in the traditions and methods of business that it was “blindsided” by technology and the …

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsPower to the People

Tarrant County College Adds Voice Acting

As a voice actor I consider myself very lucky to do what is that I do. It takes a great deal of work to bring business in the door in order to pay the bills. Part of my regimen is to browse articles on the future of media and broadcasting or emerging technologies that voice overs could have a market. …

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsTarrant County College Adds Voice Acting

A New Way to Get Started in Voice Overs

Neumann U-87 Microphone

There are times between reads where I take some time to regroup and regain some mental stability. During those times of vegging with Burn Notice reruns or Animaniacs on Amazon Prime I wonder if I should be taking a class and learning something new. Sure you can purchase a book, digitally or resale, but it lacks that interaction and discourse that helps really explore …

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsA New Way to Get Started in Voice Overs

The Future of Voice Over

The future of recording voice over

It is time for a changing of the guard! It is time to cast off the bonds of ISDN and phone patches! It’s time to be a part of the next generation of connectivity and business. It is time to embrace ipDTL!!!

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsThe Future of Voice Over

Welcome to the Jungle Baby!

What a way to start a new week by announcing another awesome partnership. Trey Caron has been added to the growing roster of talent at! 

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsWelcome to the Jungle Baby!

Giving Citizens 101 a Voice

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation keeps coming back for more of our stellar narration services.

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsGiving Citizens 101 a Voice

Citizens Property Insurance Back for More

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation comes back to Fluffy Bunny Productions for more quality corporate narration. 

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsCitizens Property Insurance Back for More