Trey Caron Joins Carolina Talent

It’s a very exciting day at Fluffy Bunny Productions. Our very own Head Fluffer In Charge has signed his contract¬†to join Carolina Talent for representation for North Carolina only.¬†

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsTrey Caron Joins Carolina Talent

Fluffy Bunny Just Diddled! [AUDIO]

Let’s face facts the voice services industry e.i. radio, voice over, television still relies heavily on an increasingly outdated piece of technology/hardware, ISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network). In fact, many talent agents still require voice artists to have an ISDN in their studio or have unrestricted access to an ISDN in order to be represented. Why is having an …

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsFluffy Bunny Just Diddled! [AUDIO]

Is Your Personal Information Safe? [Audio]

First, we want to welcome our friends at Citizensfla to the Fluffy Bunny Family! We had the extreme pleasure of working very closely with Alexis and Citizensfla to bring their Information and Security Awareness program to life. Citizensfla is a residential and commercial property insurance company. Teaching their new hire employees the steps to take in order to protect their …

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsIs Your Personal Information Safe? [Audio]

Fluffy Bunny Productions Says What’s Up to Social Zing [VIDEO]

How do we keep doing it? Simple we’re the best group around. We love what we do and you can’t go wrong when you make your living using your passion. Social Zing is just another satisfied customer of Fluffy Bunny Productions. Thanks to James M Tackett Productions out of Jacksonville, FL for the awesome video animation. Just imagine the voice …

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsFluffy Bunny Productions Says What’s Up to Social Zing [VIDEO]

Aruba Networks gets fluffed [VIDEO]

What’s that sound you ask? That my friends is the sound of another successful voice over completed by Fluffy Bunny Productions’ very own Head Fluffer In Charge, Trey Caron, for an animated video. Go Stickman created this awesomely entertaining video for Aruba Networks. This is the third corporate video that has been voiced by the owner of Fluffy Bunny Productions …

Fluffy Bunny ProductionsAruba Networks gets fluffed [VIDEO]