The Tale of Fluffy Bunny

Once upon a time there was a young creative bunny who was born on the warm sandy beaches of southern Alabama. There he lived with his family  Pappa Bunny, Mamma Bunny, and, of course…the younger sister bunny. Fluffy Bunny spent his days hopping around the woods and streams of his little section of forest. One day Pappa Bunny came home and sat the family down and broke the news that it was time to find a new forest to live in because there were not enough carrots to go around for the Bunny family to eat. The Bunny family packed up everything thing had and started down the road to find their new hole.

Finally, the Bunny had arrived in their new forest to call home however, there barely any trees anywhere in this new forest and the few trees that were there only had three branches and full of stickers! Which didn’t make them very fun or comfortable to lay under in the afternoons and that’s when Fluffy noticed that even the afternoons were different. The soothing and cooling rain showers of the coast had been replaced by super heated blowing air that felt like you were standing front of an industrial hare dryer. This new forest in a word sucked and Fluffy wanted to go back the old forest in Alabama. Sadly, Pappa and Mamma Bunny said that this was the White RabbitBunny’s new forest and that was final. Fluffy and Sister Bunny tried to make the best of the new forest filled with all sorts of interesting creatures.

As time went on young Fluffy Bunny grew up and moved into a hole of his own and even settled with a young bunny who had a baby bunny of her own. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for young Fluffy Bunny. So after a few weeks Fluffy Bunny figured he would give things another shot with a different bunny…and that didn’t end so well for Fluffy Bunny either. Somewhat despondent and lost Fluffy Bunny decided it was time to do something for introspection. During this period of self discovery Fluffy Bunny found himself on the path to meeting a new and exciting and slightly wild bunny by the name of Katerina Bunny. What started out as a just a fun time ended up being a five year and still counting courtship.

Katerina Bunny had a profound impact on Fluffy Bunny she helped Fluffy with many aspects of his spastic out sorts life and they even complimented each other. One day Fluffy Bunny, with the help Katerina Bunny, made the bold decision to pursue Fluffy’s true creative heart and passion. So Fluffy Bunny enrolled into Bunny College and a few years later finished his Bunny Degree in Creativity. Even Katerina Bunny went to school and became a Master Bunny. Then, it was time for Fluffy Bunny to put his new Degree in Creativity to use. Fluffy sent out resumes  to all the creative bunny employers near and far. One day Fluffy Bunny got a call from a bunny radio station in Oklahoma that was looking for a bunny with his types and talent and would be a perfect fit for their bunny station.

Fluffy Bunny sat Katerina Bunny and said this was a good opportunity to take and that it meant they would have to live apart for some time but, make sure they met up for cuddle bunny time as often as possible. Fluffy and Katerina both agreed this is a good idea and packed all their bunny possessions and started off down the road to Oklahoma. After a few short hours they arrived in Lawton, Oklahoma. Katerina Bunny to a cursory glance and what Fluffy Bunny would be calling home for the next 15 months and said…”This place sucks! I wish I come here before you said yes!”

Fluffy and Katerina arrived at the hole he rented to call home while there. When they walked it the hole was in shambles no one had cleaned grass or bothered to turn on the power. While the hole was being fixed Katerina and spent the next week at La Bunnita Inn one of the nicer Bunny Inn’s in town. The following day both Fluffy and Katerina went to speak with the manager of HomeBunny’s of Lawton and that is when they were introduced to Meth Addict Bunny who not the nicest of bunnies in fact she was down right mean and rude. Fluffy, Katerina and Meth Addict Bunny went round and round about what needed to fixed with the hole and finally were able to come to an agreement.

Finally, it was time for Fluffy and Katerina to go their separate ways for a while but vowed to keep to their promised to have cuddle bunny time as often as possible. As time went on Fluffy enjoyed the creative outlet his new bunny job gave however, there was still something missing from it all. Not only that Katerina Bunny was now a snow bunny of the land of ten thousand lakes and they were not able to keep their promise of cuddle bunny time. Fluffy Bunny talked with Katerina Bunny about what he should do so that he could be happy and they made the decision to come back to Texas and Fluffy Bunny would start his own creative bunny business. And so they packed up all their bunny possessions and waved good bye to the hole of Lawton, Oklahoma and started back to the Big Bunny City.




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