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  • On hold message – This is the first time a customer will hear your about business, promotions, or other useful information.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – Interactive on hold system with prompts that wait for customer input or directs them in the next step in the connection process
  • Training & Corporate Video Voiceover – Human Resource training, in-house product training, new hire on boarding
  • Explainer Video –  A low key, not in your face, infomercial about how a product works.
  • Commercial – Whether you are looking for the big “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY” Monster truck rally or you need a best friend, wife or sister. We have a voice artist that will fit perfectly into your project
  • Narration – This style is very close to that of an explainer video. The voice needs to capture the listeners or viewers attention as they are taken through a journey in their mind.
  • TV Promo – Not only is the visual presentation of your station important but so is the quality of the voice that talks to your viewers.
  • Radio Imaging /Branding – Brief messages that play between music or at the beginning or end of commercial breaks these typically identify your brand and message of your radio station
  • Movie Trailer – The iconic movie trailer voice is not only used to tell about a far off land. Now, you can hear them in sports broadcasts and other forms of branding. This has really become more of a description rather than defining actual usage.
  • Character/Animation/Video Game- From goblins and ghouls to the squeaky fuzzy creatures of the forest we have talent that will deliver the perfect animation voice

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Fluffy Bunny ProductionsVoice Over Services